Digital Marketer
Digital Marketer
Hi! We invite you to take part in our DEVXED idea contest.

DEVXED is a product company. Since its opening in 2015, DEVXED has shown a tremendous growth. With over a million daily requests, our multichannel e-commerce platform is beating all records in online sales. BooksRun is the main e-commerce project by DEVXED. On its website, USA students can buy, sell or rent used and new textbooks just in several clicks.


We invite you to take part in our DEVXED ideas contest!


We can offer you:

- a chance to put your ideas into practice

- an internship in our company

- an opportunity to join our cool and creative team

- a chance to gain work experience within the US market

- a great start for your CV


We are looking for brave, talented, creative and active people.

Does it sound like you? Good, here is an opportunity for you not to be missed!

What you should do

We have a loyalty program, and it's been recently launched:


1) Think of the way(s) to enroll existing users in the program.
2) Create a one-month digital campaign to promote our Loyalty Program.

The term for the task: 7 days


Selection criteria:

• creative promotion ideas (messages);

• effective and up-to-date marketing channels;

• stylish visualization and presentation.


We will provide feedback for every participant!

Send your results to

Good luck! We look forward to receiving your projects!